Frequently asked questions

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How much time does it take to make a website?

The time to build a website is dependent on various factors. We have to take all those factors into consideration. A normal website design takes between one to four weeks of time. But, depending upon the complexity of the project it may take more.

What is the average budget required for a website?

There is not a precise cost for a website design as it all depends on the nature of the website and the complexities involved in it. But, according to Business Week Online a designer might charge $2000 or more for designing a website. It all depends on the type of website.

How much do you charge for web-designing?

It all depends upon the project. A fully customisable website starts from $399 and a page development fees of $30 to $60 each. For any other service, please refer to our pricing page to get an idea of the prices of various extra functions.

What technology do you support?

We support almost all technologies and we specialise in XHTML, CSS and Flash. We can also handle DHTML, Java Script, XML, PHP etc. Although this is a confined list, there isn’t anything that we can’t do.

Can I see my website while it is being built?

We built the sites on our development server and provide you the username and password so that you can see all the developments. In fact, we encourage it as we want to have an on-time feedback for the services we provide.

Are there any other services that you offer with web development and design service?

Yes. We do offer. The some of these services include email accounts, detailed monthly traffic reports and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). For the basics we submit your website to search engines with the primary setup of your meta tag.

How do you take payments?

For payment, a client needs to pay at least 50% of the total contract value at the time of starting the project. We will design the website and show you for your review. You will inspect the whole site from our servers. When you are satisfied, you will pay the remaining 50% and we will transfer the whole site to you.

How can I render your services?

You just need to contact us with your requirements. We have a keen view of requirement and get back to you. We will discuss the different projects and you will decide which ever suits you. Then we begin the process...

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