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No matter how a Website looks and features, unless and until there isn’t a worthy Housing and Hosting Facility, the Website may not perform as needed. The Hosting or Housing service of a Website is the accommodation of it on the World Wide Web. It is the place where the website lives and operates its functions from.

So, the more strong the residence of a website; the more efficiently it performs. The Website might be developed by some of the top Website Developers, if it is not hosted on the right space or platform, it efficiency is always a question mark.

All efforts of the Web Developers and Web Designers are dependent on how well the website performs and the website depends on the Hosting Space for its performance.

A good hosting and housing service is meant to store the content of the Website and make it readily available thereby eliminating any downtime.

We at Web Maarket have a very dedicated Website hosting and housing service in addition to our Website Development and Website Design Service. Our high-end servers function 24/7 and ensure that our client website is always up without any delay.

What We Offer...

Web Maarket has been very instrumental in developing websites and designing them also. We have been developing websites for a diverse profile of clients like Hotel Website Designing, Educational Website Designing, E-Shopping Website Designing, and websites for Foundations and Non-Profit Organisations etc. Almost all of our clients have been hosting their websites with us while there have been some external clients also.

In a short period of time, Our Website hosting and housing services have emerged as one of the trusted website hosting services all over India and we are able to handle over 1,30,000 operational connections. We have fully eliminated the problem of unexpected service interruptions by our fully redundant data, voice and power connections and ultra-modern alert systems.

In addition to that, providing a 300*2 GB Bandwidth, we also offer the following services:-

  • Creation and Hosting of Domain Names.
  • DNS Management.
  • Personalised Email and WebMail.
  • Mail Relay.
  • Online Backup Services.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • Remote Operation of Infrastructure of Clients.
  • Communication and Network Services.
  • Physical and Logical Security.
  • Designing Consolidation, Storage, and Network.
  • Monitoring IT Infrastructure.
  • Technical Maintenance and Support.
  • Web Security Management.

Hosting Types with Us

Web Maarket has been into the business of providing Hosting and Housing Services for some good years now. We understand the needs of our clients fully. So, our website hosting department has many plans for our clients. In addition to the below-mentioned plans, we also personalize the plans according to the needs of our worthy clients:-

  • Shared Hosting

    This is a very affordable hosting plan where our servers take the advantage of hosting their websites with minimum cost. At the same time, we never compromise with the reliability and quality of the services we provide.

  • Cloud Hosting

    This hosting service with a dynamic allocation is guaranteed with a single or multi-core CPU for each website. In Cloud Hosting, the cost of service is variable according to the efficiency and services requested.

  • Dedicated Hosting

    In this type of hosting service, our website hosting department provides personalized hosting service for our clients where some for our technicians work deductively for just one client.

  • Media Broadcast Stream

    This is a specialised service for Web Broadcasters where our highly qualified hosting technicians help our clients in live and file-based broadcasting or the streaming of their live content online.

  • Collocation Hosting

    This is a highly flexible service for website owners where the clients get to choose their Hardware and Software computability that goes on. A client can choose to rent the entire server from us while we still manage and maintain the hosting for them.

We are fully capable of hosting and housing any kind of website and can provide you with personalized services as and when you require. For more information, please get in touch here..

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